The Yin & Yang In Fashion – Red Oranges

The Yin & Yang In Fashion

The Chinese meaning of yin and yang tells us how opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world(wiki). And my natural world is surrounded by clothes and fashion. Period

Thus it occurred to me that yin & yang in fashion is such an important phenomenon which slowly and silently keeps cooking in everyone's wardrobe.It speaks volumes about your personality and the way in which you communicate about your fashion/style to others.

Every strand of thread that we wear communicates without words.

Following is the latest S/S 16 collection from a fashion brand named Red Oranges, showing yin and yang in fashion .

Yin has receding elements. So in fashion dictionary, it'll have characteristics like-

  • Thin Lines / Horizontal Lines / Curved/Small Shapes / Low Contrast Color Combinations / Light Weight/Sheer Fabrics with natural flow

Where as Yang has exceeding elements or opposite of Yin, like -

  • Thick Lines / Vertical Lines / Angled/Large Shapes / High Contrast Color Combinations / Heavy Weight Fabrics 

Thus we can also say that yin will be more feminine, softer and subtle. And yang will be stronger and draws attention.

At Red Oranges flagship store in Kolkata you can find both Yin & Yang elements. It's color story for S/S 16 goes from Beige to Baby Pink to Yellow to Fierce Red/Orange to a strong and bold plum. And the fabric story is woven from 100% organic voile to silk muslin to Georgette to crepe. 

Find your yin&yang at Red Oranges- Organic Fashion.