#sootiaffair – Red Oranges


There are cynics galore who condescendingly retort the handloom industry but we at Red Oranges would agree to disagree with them.We are not influenced by the likes of Smiriti Irani or Lakme Fashion Week but we genuinely have a lot of respect for the rich culture of India and love for contemporary designs which is shown through our special capsule collection of handloom garbs in rich colors especially for fall 16'.

Our commitment to sustainable fashion textiles and traditional handlooms lead us to design this sooti collection.The feel and the texture, the warp and the weft, the intricacy of the design and the symmetry and the idiosyncrasies of different hands is seen in every piece of this collection.

We believe that handloom products are not only eco friendly but they provide the same warmth as the mother’s love.

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